Languages Spoken in Thailand


In Thailand, the official language is Thai. However, there are also several other languages spoken throughout the country.

Thai is a tonal language and belongs to the Tai-Kadai language family. It is the native language of the ethnic Thai people and is spoken by the majority of the population in Thailand.

English is also widely spoken in Thailand, especially in major cities and popular tourist destinations. Many Thais learn English as a second language at school, and it is commonly used in business, tourism, and international communication.

In addition to Thai and English, there are several regional languages and dialects spoken by various ethnic groups in Thailand. Some of the prominent ones include:

  • Spoken by the Lao ethnic group residing in northeastern Thailand along the border with Laos.
  • Spoken by the Khmer people in areas around the border with Cambodia.
  • Spoken by the Malay ethnic group in the southern provinces of Thailand.
  • Spoken by the Burmese community, particularly in border areas with Myanmar.
  • Spoken by the Hmong people, an ethnic minority group mostly living in northern Thailand.
  • Different Chinese dialects, such as Teochew, Hokkien, and Hainanese, are spoken by the Chinese community in Thailand.

It is worth noting that many ethnic minority groups in Thailand maintain their own unique languages and cultural traditions, which contribute to the country's linguistic diversity.

Overall, while Thai is the main language spoken in Thailand, English is also widely understood, and there are several regional languages and dialects spoken by various ethnic groups. This linguistic diversity adds to the rich cultural tapestry of the beautiful country of Thailand.

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